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How to Write a Research PlanHow to write a research plan? The best time to writing a research plan is soon after you’ve completed your research proposal, while you are immersed in learning about your topic. By now, you’ve marked out your principal issues, compiled a working bibliography, and begun to read extensively. The next questions to ask yourself are, “What kinds of research will best address my thesis questions? What will be most productive?” At a more personal level: “What kinds of research best fit my skills and training? What will be most rewarding and interesting to me?”

Your answers to these questions form your research strategy. Most likely, you’ve addressed some of these issues in your proposal. But you are further along now, and you can flesh out your answers. With your instructor’s help, you should make some basic decisions about what information to collect and what methods to use in analyzing it. You will probably develop this research strategy gradually and, if you are like the rest of us, you will make some changes, large and small, along the way. Still, it is useful to devise a general plan early, even though you will modify it as you progress. Develop a tentative research plan early in the project. Write it down and share it with your instructor. The more concrete and detailed the plan, the better the feedback you’ll get.

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