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  1. Introduction
  2. Man’s Relation to Technology: A Brief History
  3. Technology and Biological Anthropology
  4. Technology and Social/Cultural Anthropology
    1. Marx
    2. Adorno
    3. Habermas
    4. Winner
    5. The STS Approach
  5. Philosophical Anthropology and the Philosophy of Technology
    1. Classical Philosophical Anthropology
    2. Philosophy of Technology
  6. The Continental Approach to the Philosophy of Technology
  7. The Analytic Approach to the Philosophy of Technology
  8. Recent Developments: Bridging the Gap
  9. Conclusion and Future Directions
  10. Bibliography

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The term technology is derived from the Greek word techné. The Greek word refers to all forms of skillful, rule-based mastery in any field of human praxis, originally encompassing both arts (like painting, sculpture, writing, and the like) and craftsmanship (like carpentry, shipbuilding, architecture, and the like). The Roman culture uses the Latin word arts for these domains. Accordingly the medieval terminology distinguishes between the seven free arts (grammar, rhetoric, logic, geometry, arithmetic, music, astronomy) and the mechanical arts (e.g., agriculture, architecture, tailoring), thus prefiguring the later distinction between arts (as linked to the study of humans and the humanities) and technology (as linked to engineering and the study and science of nature).

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