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In an early appraisal of American social psychology, Albion Small (1916) traced the springs of that intellectual enterprise to the Civil War, when people “whose thought-world had been stirred to its depths by the war found themselves in 1865 star-gazing in social heavens that had never looked so confused nor so mysterious” (p. 724). The war had dispelled American’s naive beliefs that “a constitution and laws enacted in the pursuance thereof would automatically produce human welfare,” thus forcing recognition “that work was ahead to bring American conditions into tolerable likeness of American ideals” (pp. 724–725). Social psychology, according to Small, was born of those social conditions, a maturation of intellectual consciousness, including a growing independence from European thought and, as his astronomical metaphor intimates, an appreciation of the “social” as a phenomenon appropriate to scientific study. Another early historical appraiser, Fay Karpf (1932), wrote that only with these preconditions “did an American intellectual selfconscientiousness begin to assert itself in the fields directly of significance for social psychology” (p. 213).

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