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  1. Interdisciplinarity of Terrorism
  2. The Definition of Terrorism
  3. The History of Terrorism
  4. The New Terrorism
  5. Terrorism and New Technologies
  6. Terrorism in the Contemporary World Scene
  7. Terrorism and Globalization
  8. Secular, Religious, and Fundamentalist Terrorism
  9. New Areas of Inquiry
  10. Future Opportunities

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Interdisciplinarity of Terrorism

Terrorism is an interdisciplinary topic that requires the contributions of experts in the areas of history, political science, social science, philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, finance, strategic studies, international relations, criminal justice, crime prevention and control, public safety, warfare, counterterrorism theory and practice, anthropology, languages, and cultural studies. History, the social sciences, political science, and psychology are especially useful in understanding the origins, reasons, justifications, motivations, and changes in the meaning and definition of terrorism. The recent emergence of terrorism, which is inspired by religious fundamentalism and ethnicseparatist elements rather than political ideology, serves as but one critical example of the complex nature of this phenomenon. For these reasons, diverse theoretical approaches are needed to explain the worldwide growth and expansion of terrorism within the complex matrix of social, cultural, economic, religious, psychological, political, and strategic variables (Ross 1996; Sharif 1996).

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