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Evolutionary Economics Research Paper


  1. Introduction
  2. General Issues in Evolutionary Economics
    1. Relationship Between Theories of Biological and Sociocultural Evolution
    2. The Scope and Methods of Evolutionary Economics
  3. Research Traditions in Evolutionary Economics
    1. Marxist Models of Evolution
    2. Original Institutional Economics
    3. The New Institutional Economics
  4. Whither Evolutionary Economics?
  5. Bibliography

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Evolutionary economics has gained increasing acceptance as a field of economics that focuses on change over time in the process of material provisioning (production, distribution, and consumption) and the social institutions that surround that process. It is closely related to, and often draws on research in, other disciplines such as economic sociology, economic anthropology, and international political economy. It has important implications for many other fields in economics, including, but not limited to, growth theory, economic development, economic history, political economy, history of thought, gender economics, industrial organization, the study of business cycles, and financial crises.

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