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  1. Introduction
  2. Early Sociological Research on Drug Use
    1. Bingham Dai
    2. Alfred Lindesmith
    3. Howard S. Becker
    4. Edwin Schur
  3. Implications of Early Sociological Insights
  4. Theories of Drug Use
    1. Social Control
    2. Self-Control
    3. Social Learning
    4. Conflict
  5. Patterns in Drug Use
  6. Drugs: Contemporary Issues and Concerns
    1. Policy and Legal Issues
    2. Epidemiology and Etiology
    3. Drugs and Crime
    4. Drugs and the Community
    5. The Effectiveness of Treatment Programs
    6. The Methodology of Surveying Drug Use
    7. The Dynamics of Drug Markets
    8. Other Topics
  7. Conclusion: The Future of the Sociology of Drug Use
  8. Bibliography

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Pharmacologists refer to substances that have an impact on thinking, feeling, mood, and perception as psychoactive. Humans have always ingested psychoactive substances. Higher organisms are neurologically hardwired to derive pleasure from the action of certain chemical substances. Psychoactive drugs, some powerfully so, activate pleasure centers of the brain, thereby potentiating continuing drug-taking behavior. People take drugs to experience the effects that come with their mind-active properties.

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