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  1. Introduction
  2. Civil and Criminal Divide
  3. The Positivistic Approach to Crime
  4. Nonpositivist Approaches to Crime
    1. Legal Moralism
    2. Social Practice View
    3. Economic Account
    4. Harm-Based Theory
  5. Bibliography


A crime is a prohibited conduct that is punishable by law. It can also be an omission rather than an act, thus a failure to act when the law requires action. Historically, criminal activities have been limited to those that hurt the interests of others. Occasionally, though, a government will outlaw an act or omission because it is damaging to the perpetrator or because it is immoral. Such laws are referred to as “victimless” crimes. The notion of a crime without a victim highlights the fundamental distinction between criminal and civil law: a crime is an offense against the public good, whereas a civil wrong is an offense against private interests. The purpose of civil damages is to compensate the victim for the harm he has experienced at the hands of the offender, while the purpose of criminal punishment is to defend the state’s interest in the common good.

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