Both students and employees often need to write a personal statement, and that’s why they need a reliable personal statement writing service. Universities and prospective employers may require you to provide a personal statement so that you can prove that you qualify for a certain position or program. A strong personal statement can help you present yourself in the best light possible, emphasizing your strongest skills, and explaining the importance of your goals. Your personal statement should be well-written and have the right focus so that it can fulfill its purpose. When you have a compelling personal statement, it can become a considerable competitive advantage. Quite often, recruiters and admissions offices have to deal with candidates who have the same backgrounds and possess the same skills. That’s where personal statements come in handy, as they help universities and companies get to know candidates in a more personal way. However, not everyone was born to be a brilliant writer. Given the importance of your personal statement, the best solution is to delegate writing it to professionals and order custom writing services on our website.

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What a Personal Statement Is and How to Write It

A personal statement should describe your achievements, interests, skills, and goals. It’s an addition to a resume or university application. Personal statements for universities and jobs are quite similar in terms of content. However, personal statements written for universities are usually more detailed. They are also longer, as personal statements for jobs are usually one paragraph long. In contrast, university personal statements can be up to four paragraphs long. Different universities and companies have their own requirements regarding the character limit and the focus of the statement so we recommend that you make sure that your personal statement meets these requirements. Our writers are perfectly familiar with the standards of academic and business writing so you can order your personal statement here, no matter whether you need it for a job or university.

The easiest way to write a good personal statement is to break it down into several steps. Although your personal statement should have an introduction, the main section, and conclusion, you shouldn’t necessarily write these sections in this exact order. Moreover, many writers prefer to write the introduction last. The reason is that the introduction is probably the most important part of your statement. It determines whether or not your readers will continue to read so it should perfectly reflect the overall message of your personal statement. Therefore, it will be easier for you to create a comprehensive introduction if you write the body section first. This way, you’ll understand what to focus on at the beginning.

If you’re writing a statement for a job application, make sure to explain what is the most interesting feature of the position. We recommend that you address this aspect quickly. Just write a persuasive statement that will both explain what you find interesting about the position and what skills might help you make a meaningful contribution. If you’re writing a statement for a university application, we recommend that you mention specific aspects of the program or features of the school that have something in common with your interests and passions. Besides, when writing a university personal statement, your introduction should be one-paragraph long so make sure to plan it properly.

The body of your personal statement must describe your skills, background, and interests. We recommend that you provide the necessary details that will help your readers understand why you’re a good fit for the job or program you’re applying for. In this section, you should elaborate on your achievements and experience. For instance, you may want to mention your awards, certifications, and degrees. Write about the most important parts of your working experience and provide some details about your responsibilities. Explain what knowledge and skills you’ve acquired during your education or when working. Finally, focus on the contribution that you can make to the organization and explain how this university or job can help you achieve your important goals.

Your personal statement should end with a strong conclusion so that it will make a lasting impression on the readers. You may want to restate why you decided to apply and why this experience is important to you. You may also encourage your readers to take action and read the rest of your materials or accept you as the right candidate. In the conclusion section, you might write more about your professional or educational goals. You may also provide a quick summary of the entire personal statement and highlight the most important points. Another good approach is to link your conclusion to the introduction. When writing a personal statement for a job, we suggest that you don’t make your conclusion too long. The best solution is to make it one-sentence long. Even if you’re writing a personal statement for a university, we recommend that you make your conclusion concise and clear.

What Makes a Good Personal Statement

Don’t forget that your personal statement should be not only well-written but also effective. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on the right details while writing. Here is a list of the most important things you should keep in mind when writing a personal statement.

  • A personal statement is a sort of story so it must be engaging and interesting to read. Don’t turn it into a list of achievements. It’s your opportunity to reflect on your life and to tell an engaging story that will describe you as an individual.
  • A personal statement must focus on your experiences, goals, and values. This way, you will help readers understand what you want and how you can contribute to the organization’s goals. You should also demonstrate that you resonate with the organization’s values.
  • Obviously, your personal statement should also be well-written, demonstrating your writing skills. Not only should it be free of any mistakes, but it should also be logically and stylistically correct. It must be written in the right tone, with the right word choice. This factor is one of the most common reasons why people realize that they should delegate personal statement writing to experienced professionals.
  • Don’t forget that your personal statement should help the university or employer evaluate you as a person. Therefore, a good personal statement should be authentic and address not only your strengths but also weaknesses. However, this aspect is tricky because you should also present yourself as the best candidate. Therefore, we recommend that you mention some negative experiences and explain how you’ve overcome these difficulties, learning from these experiences. For instance, your negative experiences could help you become stronger or realize what your real goals are.
  • Sometimes, universities might provide a prompt with questions that you should answer in your personal statement. In this case, your personal statement should both answer these questions from the appropriate viewpoint and provide some personal information about you. Besides, you should also list your strongest skills to demonstrate that you can make a meaningful contribution.

Benefits of Our Personal Statement Writing Service

If you apply to a university or college, it can be a very stressful experience. If you’re trying to get a job, it may also be quite overwhelming. Quite often, people start to panic when they need to write a personal statement because they’ve never done it before so they don’t know where to start and what to write about. Many students and employees need help with their personal statements, and the good news is that you can pay someone to write your personal statement. We have a team of writers who know everything about business writing and academic writing. If you order your personal statement here, we will write it from scratch according to your requirements and tailor it to your needs.

Your personal statement can have a big impact on the success of your application. Therefore, choosing a writing service is a very important task. Unlike many other writing services, we really care about each and every customer. We always make sure to meet our customers’ demands. We call ourselves the most reliable writing service, and we do it for a good reason. Here are some of our main benefits that you should consider.

  • No matter how tight the deadline, you can be sure that you will get your personal statement on time. Our writers are experienced enough to write quickly without sacrificing the quality of their papers.
  • Our writing services are affordable. We don’t want you to overpay so we don’t have any hidden fees and commissions. We are always clear about our prices and we want anyone who needs help to be able to get it. Helping people is our mission and our passion.
  • Our papers are also original, which is especially important in the academic world. If you write a plagiarized essay, it will be a huge problem. However, when writing a personal statement, the originality becomes even more crucial because it must reflect your uniqueness and tell your personal story. Our writers will write your personal statement from scratch. You can tell us what facts from your biography you would like to include, what your main interests are, and we will create an original personal statement that will make you stand out from the crowd of other applicants.
  • We also have a reliable customer support team that is always here to help you. If you don’t know how to make an order, experience any problems with payment, or have any questions — don’t hesitate to contact us right now, and our support representatives will help you.


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