Many modern students have the same problem: they don’t know where to find a proven custom essay writing service. Students have to deal with countless assignments, and essays are one of the most common types of assignments that both high school and college students have to write. Even though they are so common, many students have a hard time trying to write an essay that will be interesting for a reader while also meeting strict academic standards. Writing is a difficult skill to learn, no matter whether you’re an ESL student or a native speaker. Not only should you be able to convey your thoughts in a logical order, but you should also know different styles and understand and what different kinds of writing require you to do. Writing is difficult, so there is no surprise that custom writing services are so popular. 

Not everyone was born a brilliant writer. However, even students who are really good at writing often experience difficulties when writing essays in high school or college. The main reason is that they get too many assignments but don’t have enough time to complete them all. Quite often, students realize that they only have a couple of days left before the deadline. They start to panic, and they only have two options available: they can either fail their assignment or ask somebody for help. Obviously, the second option is the only right choice. However, where can you get professional help so that you can be sure that your professor will appreciate your essay?

Fortunately, we’ve got your back. No matter whether you’re running out of time, bad at grammar, or cannot figure out what your essay must be about, we are always ready to help you. Our professional writers are familiar with all kinds of academic essays. If you need an interesting essay formatted according to the necessary citation style, just contact us, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our work. Besides, our writers are used to working with tight deadlines. If you need an outstanding essay delivered fast, don’t hesitate to order it on our website. Nothing is impossible for us!

Why You Should Choose Our Custom Essay Writing Service

The main reason to choose our custom essay writing service is that we have a great team of professional essay writers. They have many years of experience helping students with essays on different topics. If you need a narrative, persuasive, expository, compare and contrast, or critical thinking essay, just describe your requirements, and our writers will do their best to exceed your expectations. We work with writers from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your papers. Unlike some of our competitors that hire non-native English speakers, we know that the quality of papers is especially important for college students.

Another reason to choose our custom essay writing service is that we prepare papers of any difficulty level. You can count on us if you need a simple high school essay or a Ph.D.-level essay. We have experts with different academic backgrounds, which enables us to write essays on many different subjects. Some students need literary reviews, while others are looking for high-quality lab reports so we make sure that everyone will find what they are searching for. The success of an online writing service directly depends on its writers so we make sure to hire the best professionals.

How do we make sure that our writers are indeed professionals? First of all, they should pass our complex English test. If somebody doesn’t have perfect English skills, they cannot become a part of our team. In addition, writers have to take tests dedicated to their discipline. We want to make sure that every client will work with a writer who is perfectly familiar with the necessary subject and knows the necessary citation format. Therefore, we also ask our applicants to provide examples of their written works.

Many students ask: “Are there any legit custom essay writing services?” The reason is that, even though there are many custom writing services on the internet, not all of them provide high-quality papers. Some companies are not trustworthy, as their only goal is to make money. Students often become victims of such unprofessional companies. They pay for an original paper written from scratch but get a plagiarized paper instead. Unfortunately, some writing services use pre-written content, selling it to multiple customers. As a result, many students get similar papers that don’t pass plagiarism checks. Plagiarism is a very serious issue in the academic world so the consequences of using such services can be terrible.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t want to disappoint our customers because we understand that our success directly depends on our reputation. Unprofessional writing services disappear as soon as students tell their friends about their sad experience and leave their negative feedback. We want every customer to be happy with our papers so we make sure that everyone gets 100% original papers written from scratch. We take into account every customer’s wishes because we want you to come back and order their papers here again. Before we send our papers to you, our quality assurance team checks them with reliable plagiarism software. In addition, our editors and proofreaders make sure that your essays are perfect in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Originality isn’t the only common concern among customers. There are also strict academic requirements regarding the structure and style of academic papers. Our writers know all ins and outs of academic writing so they will make sure that you receive exactly what you need. We will create a perfect essay with an engaging introduction that will immediately grab your readers’ attention, motivating them to read the whole paper. The body of your essay will be properly organized and easy to read. Our writers will conduct research, using only reliable sources. Every student knows that choosing the right sources for academic papers is a very time-consuming task. However, our writers have access to various professional databases so they have no problems with finding the best sources on any topic. Their writing experience allows them to wrap high-quality research in the perfectly formatted text that is really interesting to read.

When it comes to research, one of the most important things is to write proper references so that all the content will be attributed to its authors. Our writing experts are familiar with all the common citation formats. No matter whether you need your paper to be formatted according to MLA, Chicago, APA, or another style, our writers will do exactly what you want.

What You Should Know About Essays

Some students think that essay writing is a simple process and all you have to do is just sit at your computer and type. However, the truth is that you won’t be able to write a good essay without proper planning and research. If you want to get a good grade for your essay, you should come up with an interesting and relevant topic, plan its structure, and know exactly what the main point of your essay will be, as well as how you’re going to illustrate and support it.

To choose the right writing approach, you should take into account the specifics of the required essay type. Here are the most common types of essays:

  • Narrative essays. Such essays focus on the author’s story that impacted their life in some way. They are straightforward, and the events are usually described in chronological order.
  • Expository essays. Such essays describe a certain process, helping readers understand each step of the process so that they can replicate it. For example, you can write an expository essay about making a hamburger or assembling a computer.
  • Persuasive essays. These essays are aimed to convince readers to agree with a certain opinion. They are based on a strong thesis statement, which is supported by evidence. Persuasive essays also often use different rhetorical devices. Quite often, persuasive essays may also address opposite opinions in order to refute them and explain why the author’s point is more valid.
  • Descriptive essays. These essays focus on details. For example, you can write an expository essay about your trip to another country. In this case, your essay might focus on distinctive features of architecture, the way another language sounds, the color of the currency, tastes of the cuisine, etc. The main goal of a persuasive essay is to make your readers feel what you feel.
  • Problem-solving essays. In a problem-solving essay, you should describe a problem and come up with your own solution, explaining its advantages.
  • Argumentative essays. Usually, topics of such essays are some controversial issues. An argumentative essay implies that people might have different opinions on the issue. Therefore, the author should come up with a strong argument, supporting it with evidence and explaining why their position is valid.
  • Compare and contrast essays. In this case, you need to consider two subjects, illustrating and explaining things that they have in common, as well as their differences.

When writing custom essays, our writers follow these steps:

  1. Brainstorming
    If you don’t know what your essay should be about, our writers will brainstorm and come up with a relevant and interesting topic. A good topic must be narrow enough so that it can be addressed within a limited word count. However, it shouldn’t be too narrow so that the audience can understand it.
  2. Researching
    Our experts will also conduct in-depth research on the topic, selecting reliable sources and evidence that will illustrate it in the right context.
  3. Developing a thesis
    An essay should also have a strong thesis statement that will serve as the basis for the whole paper. The body of the essay should consider the thesis statement in detail, providing supporting evidence.
  4. Writing an outline
    Before we start to write your A+ essay, we create an outline with the main points of the essay and the main pieces of evidence. The outline helps make sure that the essay will have a good logical structure so that readers will follow all the ideas easily.
  5. Writing the essay
    When writing an essay, our writers not only support claims with evidence and format it according to the necessary citation style but also create transitions between different paragraphs so that the essay will be easy to comprehend. 
  6. Editing and proofreading
    Even if an essay has brilliant ideas, it won’t be appreciated by professors if its grammar is far from perfect. First, our editors check the overall structure of the essay. After this, proofreaders check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We polish every essay to make sure that our customers will get the best papers possible.

As you can see, essay writing is a complex process. Therefore, there’s no surprise that many students have difficulties with their academic essays. Some students cannot choose a good topic that will be interesting for their audience. Some students are just bad writers so they cannot wrap their ideas in the right words. There are also students who have problems with grammar. Finally, there are thousands of students who could write outstanding essays but they are so overwhelmed with other tasks that they simply don’t have enough time. Our company helps everyone. No matter what your problem is, you can always use our custom essay writing service. We will deliver a top-notch essay, no matter what topic or deadline you have. Our professional writers have great experience in writing essays of any kind. If you need a persuasive, explanatory, narrative, or another essay, you can always count on us.

When you order your essays on our website, you can be sure that you’ll receive a 100% original paper written from scratch. Your essay will pass any plagiarism checkers, and your professor will be impressed with the research done by our authors. However, nobody will know that the essay wasn’t written by you. You can always provide any specific requirements regarding style or tone so that we can tailor your essay to your preferences and needs. Your essay will be unique, and no one else will have anything like it.


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