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Online ResearchThe success of every essay, term paper, or any other written project depends not only on the quality of students’ writing but also on the quality of research. With the recent explosion in growth of electronic technology, online libraries, encyclopedias, and traditional libraries, researching any topic has never been easier than it is today, so long as you understand the process, and know where to find and how to access such sources. The problem with doing research in the Information Age is that there is so much information available. How do you know which information is considered respectable in a particular discipline and which isn’t? How can you avoid wasting time with source materials that have been effectively refuted and replaced by subsequent thinking? Finding credible and properly referenced information is still hard. And this is why we have created this site.

IResearchNet was created to explains the art and methods of research and help researching any topic, for any given purpose. Featuring valuable tips for beginners and more experienced students and researchers,  this site is divided into three sections for easy use.

Section I: Research Topics lists possible topics for research in various academic fields. Every list contains links to expanded topical outlines and subject-oriented sections providing the maximum information about the topic of your choice or interest.

Section II: Research Guides contains 20 topical guides that conveniently survey the most recommended information sources by librarians and researchers, with detailed listings of selected books and references, print and Web article indexes, periodicals, and Web sites. Also included are suitable subject headings, and user guides, and general source and subject

Section III: Research Papers contains tips on how to write a research paper from start to finish. It deconstructs the usually frustrating process into separate parts and explains each. This section also contains links to sample research papers in different fields of study providing valuable examples of well-written and referenced papers.

Online ResearchAlthough conventional library research has obviously changed a lot since the advent of computers, many of the basic strategies remain the same. More than just mechanically gathering information, research continues to be a primary means of discovering the ongoing conflicts about a subject and having ideas about it.

Research projects typically involve posing problems and answering questions about a subject that you want to learn about or that you think others should understand better. Learn to care about your subject by exercising your natural inclination to learn new things, right wrongs, uncover new truths, or discover complexity in the superficially obvious aspects of everyday life.

When you are asked to write a dozen pages or write and design an informative website about an unfamiliar topic, the research process can seem daunting, even overwhelming. If, however, you plan ahead and immerse yourself in your subject early—right after you receive the assignment, for instance—you’ll find managing the research project far less intimidating than it initially appears to be.

The term research suggests a purpose. The whole idea behind doing research is to pry more fully, to dig more deeply, and to examine more closely something that piques your curiosity. Whether you need to research for practical, personal, or academic reasons, whether you are researching a school paper or a subject of great personal interest, the manner in which you develop your topic is important to finding what you want.

IResearchNet has a purpose to provide a maximum of free information to aid every aspect of research on various topics.